About Kaleigh

Hi bloggers! I am Kaleigh Lumpkins, a wishful interior designer (won’t happen, I get it). What inspired me was, well, my disgusting repulsing house. I have ALWAYS loved interior design and I am basically obsessed with HGTV. This blog was originally created for my Social Media At Work class, but I am preparing to start it full time.


I am a Senior at Texas State University. My designated graduation time is a semester later than expected, December of 2012, but I have had my fun that’s for sure. Time to crack down! My major is Public Relations with a focus on Event Planning. I’m double minoring in Art & Design and Communication Studies. I get my creativity from my mother, although she doesn’t fully take advantage of it. I am 100% completely broke 100% of the time and have no time or money to worry about my house looking blan and boring. So here we are. This blog is going to discuss every single little project I have done to make my house look incredible (as much as it could) with my small budget. A couple dollars here and there, but basically my decorations have been free. Trying to save money? Get used to this “DO IT YOURSELF” attitude and you will be pleasantly surprised.